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We hear you. We know what you’ve been looking for and have yet to find. We know the struggles of being an entrepreneur yet feeling the pull from family, friends and stressful obligations. Trying to find that work & life balance that makes us all successful yet provides health and happiness. That’s why you went into business for yourself…right?

Welcome to Villaggio and our signature hybrid Salon Suites concept that brings the best of all different salon categories, packages them together and offers you the best work environment you’ve had in your career. My mission always was and is to provide a fun, safe atmosphere to empower women to successfully navigate their business and personal lives by creating a no-hassle workplace to make the life juggle a little easier. Let's face it, as women we are depended on by many. We have zero time to be wasting on the day-to-day monotony. Villaggio offers just that. There’s a reason why we have a waiting list and even more reasons why we’re so picky about who we hire. We’re spoiled, we’re elite and we deserve the best in our surroundings and co-workers.

My idea for this hybrid concept was birthed from many years of working, watching and listening to what myself and others around me were so desperately looking for…

  • Basic booth rent salons weren’t enough. Sure we liked being self employed but that usually means owners that take your rent money and leave you on your own. They provide little to no perks or support even at the most basic business level.

  • Most of the larger day-spa style salons that have all the perks & swoon-worthy decor are owned by local casinos and they run on commission. They take your money and restrict you with schedules & dress codes you don't want and stress you don't need.

  • There’s the traditional salon suites facilities and they are just that...a facility. They’re mostly big corporate franchises who charge enormous amounts of monthly fees to the franchise owners who have no choice but to pass those fees onto you. You'll also on your own to handle the details of cleaning your suite & washing your towels at home after work, providing refreshments and extras, scheduling software, phone lines, salon establishment licenses, liability insurance, marketing, etc., and yet still paying premium salon rental prices often much higher than anywhere else in town. 

    We're old school and we just wanted the best of both worlds….Booth rent, salon decor to die for, tons of ‘bennies’ & perks and the most phenomenal place to work in town. This is one reason why I opted to reserve one of our suites and created a one-of-a-kind perk for my beloved technicians. We call it the ‘Polo Lounge’ and it has become our favorite part of our building. 

    A quiet, stress-free oasis of Full Body Osaki Shiatzu Massage Chairs, dimmed lighting, phone chargers and ocean wave sounds that play on a loop all day and night. Our team uses it to relax and rejuvenate on gaps and breaks and relieve those aching backs and feet. Our monthly catered birthday lunches in here are a huge hit with our Margaritaville Margarita Machine spinning drinks all day and sweet treats.

     Our suites are spacious and the custom built manicurist tables are HUGE. You’ll find that with a privately owned building and property, I’m able to keep rent very low for the quality of work environment you’ll receive.

If you're an experienced professional and have some clientele, give us a call and we can speak about how you can possibly join our team. Whether you're just looking for a new place to call home or you're wanting to take the leap from commission to booth/suite rental, I'll do everything I can to get you settled and make your business a success. 

Some of the amenities you'll enjoy: 

  • A large gorgeous building with all the refreshments and goodies your clients will love (Fresh baked cookies every day)

  • We're on the freeway centrally located in town giving easy access for your clientele, wherever they may be

  • Full service front desk offering assistance in greeting clients, booking appointments, laundry and much, much more

  • No additional charges for chair sharing

  • No pedicure fees for Cosmetologists or Manicurists

  • ATM machine on-site to minimize credit card fees

  • Key and alarm access to the salon

  • Professional cleaning twice a week

  • Individual phones with your own voicemail

  • Towel Service

  • Wholesale pricing on all in house professional retail

  • Private lot parking

  • Social media advertising

  • Annual liability insurance is included per chair

  • Free access to our online scheduling & appointment confirmation site via Vagaro

  • The ability to lock-in your rent rate 

My motto is, "You don't work for me, I work for you.” I am simply the landlord but I take that responsibility very seriously and want nothing but the best for my clients as well as you and yours. I can't be a success unless you are and I've made a commitment & dedicated myself to ensure that you’ll succeed by providing a clean, safe and professional environment that you can trust when moving your hard earned clientele. 

Call and ask about our current Move-in Specials! In addition to yourself, refer us to someone who joins our team and you'll enjoy double the rewards! Your confidentiality is my main concern. Call me and we can schedule a private, after-hours tour & interview or stop by anytime during the day and see how we flow.

XoXo,  Tiffany Miller 775-846-3080

"Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln

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